Optical sludge level measuring system for sedimentation profile measurement and continuous tracking of sludge blanket

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The OPTISYS SLM 2100 is a sludge level measuring system for measurement of sludge blanket level and fluff levels as well as sedimentation profiles. Using an optical sensor which travels right down to the tank bottom, it detects all sludge phases, supplying precise concentration and level measurements. In this way, it is also able to measure the sludge blanket continuously (zone tracking) and hence monitor one specific "zone" (e.g. for controlling the pumps during de-pumping of the sludge). Unlike with ultrasonic sludge level meters, there are no echo returns from tank walls or signal damping by fluff or floating sludge that can cause false measurements.

Product highlights
Accurate and colour-independent measurement up to a depth of 10 m / 32.8 ft
By immersion of optical sensor (180° transmission of NIR-LED)
No interference with fluff or floating sludge
Built-in heater and ventilation for temperature regulation
Durable stainless steel sensor and instrument enclosure
IP54 enclosure and built-in heater for outdoor installations
Low maintenance due to (optional) automatic flushing of sensor and cable after each measuring cycle
Reliable signal transmission from sensor, due to digital communication via optocoupler
Common operating and service concept with KROHNE flow and level devices (GDC)

Typical applications
Water and wastewater industry, minerals and mining industry, power industry:

Monitoring and optimisation of sedimentation processes
Automated de-pumping of sedimentation basins
Automation of sludge extraction
Early warning of sludge washout
Measurement of sludge blanket and fluff zone in primary and secondary clarifiers or sludge thickeners
Measurement in tailings thickeners


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