Total suspended solids system for hygienic applications

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The OPTISYS TSS 3050 is an optical total suspended solids system for hygienic applications. It features an elastomer-free process connection and is particularly suitable for monitoring water quality, optimising cleaning operations (CIP) or improving separation and filter processes in food and beverage applications. The device can be mounted into tanks or pipelines using its hygienic G1⁄2 thread connection via hygienic adapters.

The system features a compact design with head-mounted transmitter within a robust housing (IP69K). The OPTISYS TSS 3050 guarantees a wide measuring range (0...6 OD, 0...3 AU, 0...3250 EBC, 0...13000 FAU, 0...13000 TEF or 0...26.65 mg/l) and comes factory calibrated 0...3 AU or 26.65 mg/l.

Product highlights
Compact and robust design (IP69K) with sapphire optical window
OPL (Optical Path Length) available: 5 mm / 0.2"
Standardized, elastomer-free process connection
Long-term-stability of LED light source (>5 years)
Fast process monitoring (~1.5 s)
Factory calibrated (0...3 AU)
Parametrisation via display or PC / laptop
Various hygienic adapters available (VARIVENT®, Tri-Clamp etc.)

Typical applications
Water industry

Monitoring of potable water quality
Filtration monitoring
Food and beverage industry

Product loss monitoring and control
Improving cleaning performance (CIP), e.g. to reduce process losses
Process and separator optimisation in the production of (dairy) beverages
Power industry, chemical and other process industries

Cooling water monitoring


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