Potentiostatic amperometric disinfectant measuring system for water and wastewater

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The OPTISYS CL 1100 is a complete and ready to use system for measuring free chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone in a wide range of water applications. The pre-wired system is already equipped with the MAC 100 analytical transmitter, the membrane-free chlorine sensor OPTISENS CL 1100, valves as well as flow-through cells, e.g. for installation of a temperature sensor. Together with the optional pH sensor OPTISENS PH 8500, it also features pH compensation and is suitable for the complete chlorine measuring range, even at higher pH values. This makes the OPTISYS CL 1100 a reliable and easy to maintain measuring system.

Product highlights
All-in-one measuring solution for a wide application range
Combination of a membrane-free sensor for Cl2, ClO2 and O3 with 2 gold electrodes, an optional pH sensor and an analytical transmitter
With flow-through cells incl. temperature sensors
Automatic Sensor Cleaning (ASR) feature

Typical applications
Water and wastewater industry

Monitoring of potable water quality
Filter monitoring
Monitoring of contamination
Monitoring of potable water quality
Disinfection control
Process control of water treatment
Emergency chlorination for drinking water
Chemical and other process industries, power industry

Process water treatment
Reverse osmosis protection

Disinfection control of swimming pools


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