Optical oxygen sensor for water and wastewater applications

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The OPTISENS ODO 2000 is a 2-wire loop powered dissolved oxygen sensor with integrated temperature compensation. The optical sensor can be deployed in any size of water treatment plant to monitor and control oxygen concentration. The OPTISENS ODO 2000 offers direct connection to the control system via 4...20 mA output or Modbus.

Product highlights
No transmitter needed
Precise dissolved oxygen measurement in the ppm range with a resolution of 0.01 ppm
Long-term stability due to reduced clogging by integrated spray cleaning nozzle (immersion version only)
No media flow required
Fast response times for all applications
Long maintenance intervals: Optical membrane life >1 year (not exposed to sunlight)
Low cost of ownership due to an integrated transmitter
Calibration and configuration with the MAC 100 analytical transmitter or via a terminal program using the Modbus protocol
Easy exchangeable optical disk
Mounting option on a flexible telescopic rod (SENSOFIT IMM 2000) or via a flow-through assembly (SENSOFIT FLOW 2000 T or SENSOFIT FLOW 2000 Flow Cell)

Typical applications
Water and wastewater industry

Aeration monitoring in treatment plants
Monitoring of fresh water (e.g. in fish farming)
Monitoring of potable water
Monitoring of biological treatment in wastewater aeration basins
Prevention of water pollution
Monitoring of effluent values in the outlet


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