Optical turbidity measuring system for potable water applications

หมวดหมู่ : Turbidity



The OPTISYS TUR 1050 is a turbidity measuring system with cost-efficient cuvette calibration and automated ultrasonic cleaning system. Due to its optimised cuvette measuring system, it has a very fast measuring response time and low maintenance requirements. The sensor uses the 90° scattered light method, thus the measurement optics are not directly exposed to the sample and require less maintenance. The low-range system is the most suitable system when it comes to fulfilling all the necessary regulations and requirements in water and wastewater treatment.

Product highlights
Rapid response time due to small measurement volume
Simple cuvette calibration with reusable liquid calibration standards
Integrated shut-off valve for maintenance work
Optimal back pressure setting to avoid gas bubbles through integrated outlet valve
Automatic ultrasonic cleaning to prevent deposits

Typical applications
Water industry

Monitoring of potable water quality in pumping stations
Filter monitoring
Process control of water treatment
Monitoring of limit values
Monitoring of water quality prior to network supply


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