Ultrasonic level transmitter for basic applications

หมวดหมู่ : Ultrasonic Level


The OPTISOUND 3020 is a 2- or 4-wire ultrasonic level transmitter for basic applications. It is particularly suitable for use in small and medium-sized tanks up to 8 m / 26.3 ft. The level transmitter measures rainwater and wastewater, liquids with a high degree of contamination, corrosive liquids or solids.

Product highlights
Resistant to corrosive environments
Available with optional mounting bracket for easy alignment of the sensor

Typical applications
Open basins, channels, sumps and sludge containers
Water and wastewater basins
Profile measurement on conveyor belts
Small and medium-sized silos and storage tanks for solids
Small and medium-sized storage tanks with slightly corrosive acids


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