Radar (FMCW) level transmitter for powders and dusty atmospheres

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The OPTIWAVE 6500 is a 2-wire 80 GHz radar (FMCW) level transmitter for demanding applications with powders in very dusty atmospheres. With its small beam angle, this radar is particularly suited for continuous, non-contact level measurement in high and narrow silos, hoppers or buffer storage containers up to 100 m / 328 ft. Due to the high signal dynamics of the FMCW radar, the level transmitter is ideal for low-reflective media, dust, uneven surfaces or tanks with obstacles. As it features a flush-mounted PEEK Lens antenna, there is no intrusion of the antenna into the tank.

The OPTIWAVE 6500 provides accurate and reliable readings in process conditions with temperatures up to +150°C / +302°F and pressures up to 40 barg / 580 psig. It offers flange or thread connections as well as an optional 112 mm / 4.4" antenna extension for the DN40 / 1.5”antenna. Approvals for use in hazardous areas are also available. The level transmitter comes with HART®7 communication.

Product highlights
2-wire, loop-powered, with HART®7
Extremely high dynamics for clear vision despite dusty atmospheres or low reflective media
Empty tank spectrum function eliminates false reflections caused by tank internals
Flush-mounted PEEK Lens antenna (no tank intrusion):DN70 / 2.75" (concave Lens) with 4° beam angle for distances up to 100 m / 328 ft
DN40 / 1.5" (convex Lens) with 8° beam angle for distances up to 30 m / 98 ft
112 mm / 4.4" antenna extension for long nozzles
Unaffected by angle of repose – no need for antenna aiming kits
Antenna purging system for flange connection without antenna extension
± 2 mm / 0.08” accuracy
Flange or thread connections
Large, backlit LCD screen with 4-button keypad for operation with bar magnet; no need to open the housing cover
PACTwareTM, HART® DDs and DTMs provided free of charge with full functionality

Typical applications

Level measurement in/on high and narrow silos with internal obstructions, buffer silos, bulk storage containers, hoppers
Minerals and mining industry

Fine powders (e.g. building materials)
Fly ash
Chemical industry

Plastic powder
Soap powder
Food and beverage industry

Milk powder
Coffee powder
Chocolate powder
Salt, sugar


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