M-PHASE 5000

Magnetic resonance multiphase Flow for simultaneous measurement of oil, gas and water in the upstream oil and gas industry

หมวดหมู่ : Resonance multiphase Flow


The M-PHASE 5000 is a magnetic resonance multiphase flowmeter for applications in the upstream oil and gas industry. It is able to simultaneously measure oil, gas and water flow rates with just one device using a single measurement principle. The M-PHASE 5000 is designed to operate in harsh environments and can be applied for well testing, flow assurance and allocation purposes. The M-PHASE 5000 replaces the need for test separators, and is an ideal alternative to conventional multiphase flowmeters that apply radioactive sources as well as to separation based multiphase flowmeters.

In the magnetic resonance measurement, the hydrogen atoms attached to oil, gas and water molecules are magnetised and subsequently excited by radio frequency pulses. The hydrogen atoms respond to the pulses and send back echoes which are recorded. The amplitude of the echoes and the rate at which they decay is used to calculate the flow rates. The difference in magnetic resonance properties allows making a distinction between the flow rates of oil, gas and water.

The multiphase flowmeter features comprehensive inline fluid characterisation, which in effect removes the need to take samples and eliminates the sample handling processes associated with it. It features a large dynamic range in flow rates (over 1:60) with a high degree of accuracy. The flowmeter automatically compensates for changes in process conditions such as a change in the salinity of water. The M-PHASE 5000 is also able to handle a wide range of flow regimes. Its full bore design virtually eliminates pressure drops. The meter comes with Modbus and Ethernet interfaces as well as IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certifications.

Product highlights
Fully automated inline fluid characterisation: makes sample handling obsolete and reduces the operating costs of the equipment
Flow measurement over a wide dynamic range
Gas volume fraction: 0...98%; Water cut: 0...100%
Suitable for high water liquid ratios (up to 100%)
Insensitive to sand, scale, wax and fouling
Full bore design: No moving parts, no wear, no pressure loss
Integrated temperature and pressure sensors
Engineered solutions available, e.g. mobile configuration, frame, manifold
Modbus via RS 485 and Ethernet (other interfaces on request)

Typical applications
Upstream oil and gas industry

Well testing: mobile and fixed installations
Production optimisation (gas lift, water injection, water breakthrough detection)
Flow assurance (blockage detection due to wax, hydrates, asphaltenes etc.)
Production allocation
Well performance control
Flow measurement even at high water liquid ratios
Test separator replacement


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