Vortex Flow for utility applications and energy management systems

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The OPTISWIRL 4200 is a Vortex flowmeter with integrated temperature sensor. It is best suited for flow measurement of liquids, dry or humid gases and saturated or superheated steam in supply processes (auxiliary service) and distribution networks. The device is also the optimum solution for advanced energy management systems (acc. to ISO 50001) as it can be supplied with integrated gross and net heat measurement for steam and condensate. For gas and steam measurements with varying process conditions the Vortex meter can also be equipped with an optional integrated pressure sensor.

Product highlights
Flange or space-saving sandwich (wafer) version (up to DN100 / 4")
Compact all-in-one device for varying process conditions
Integrated gross and net heat calculation for steam and hot water
Optional shut-off valve to allow replacement of pressure sensor without process interruption
Advanced technology for signal filtering (AVFD Advanced Vortex Frequency Detection)
Optional integrated reduction of nominal size for increased accuracy
Approx. 45% less installation costs compared to Vortex meter with external T and P sensors plus calculator
Also available as dual Vortex meter with two independent sensors and converters in one device for redundant measurement and applications with high safety requirements
Also available as remote version with field housing for installation of converter 50 m / 164 ft away from the sensor
SIL2/3 certified acc. to IEC 61508 (for high, low or continuous mode of operation)
On-site verification of flowmeter with service tool OPTICHECK

Typical applications

Utility applications: Energy distribution in auxiliary and supply circuits
Measurement of (non-)conductive liquids, gases, saturated and superheated steam
Gross/net heat metering of steam and hot water
Monitoring of compressor output and evaluation of Free Air Delivery (FAD)
Measurement of consumption of industrial gases (natural gas, nitrogen etc.)
Measurement of consumption in compressed air systems
Chemical and other process industries

Hydrocarbons, thermal oils etc.
Desalinated water
Gases, welding gases, steam
Petrochemical products (benzene, ethylene, etc.)


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