Coriolis mass Flow for linear and rotating filling machines

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The OPTIBATCH 4011 is the standard Coriolis mass flowmeter for process batching of conductive and non-conductive liquids. It is a highly accurate and specialised meter for linear and rotating filling machines. The fully welded maintenance-free device with twin U-shape is particularly suitable for hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical or food and beverage industries. It can be equipped with DIN11864-2 hygienic flange connections, hygienic clamp connections or many other bespoke fittings according to customer specifications.

The OPTIBATCH 4011 does not require a separate converter due to its integrated electronics. The flowmeter can be connected to a PLC or DCS via the simple Modbus interface. This allows programming, commissioning and measurement over a single data connection.

Product highlights
Twin bent tube design for process batching
No separate converter needed: Communication direct from meter
Excellent low flow stability, accuracy and repeatability
Stainless steel construction for hygienic or non-hygienic applications
Welded outer casing, sealed to IP67
Immunity to crosstalk: resistant to installation and process effects

Typical applications
Machinery and apparatus (OEM industry), food and beverage industry

Integration into rotating, linear and other filling machines
Fast and precise process batching, filling, blending and dosing
Hygienic or non-hygienic dosing and filling
Ultrapure water and other non-conductive liquids


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