Electromagnetic Flow for advanced hygienic

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The OPTIFLUX 6300 is an electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) for advanced hygienic applications in the food sector. The high-end flowmeter is particularly suitable for blending, dosing or filling applications where a high accuracy (±0.2% of measured value) is priority and extensive diagnostics are required. In addition, it can even be used for low conductivity liquids of ≥1 μS/cm (e.g. glucose, fruit concentrates). The 3A and EHEDG certified flowmeter comes with industry specific installation lengths. It has no crevices, gaps or blind spots and is specifically designed to stay clean and sterile. This way, it complies with the most stringent demands in the food and beverage industry.

Due to its reinforced PFA liner, the OPTIFLUX 6300 also withstands high process temperatures (up to +140°C /+ 284°F) and vacuum impacts. The EMF can be used in CIP or SIP cleaning procedures. In addition to flange and weld-end connections, the OPTIFLUX 6300 offers a large number of other hygienic fittings, including DIN 11851, DIN 11864, clamp and SMS. It also comes with various digital communication options. A full on-site verification of the meter without process interruption can be carried out using the OPTICHECK service tool.

Product highlights
Bi-directional flow measurement over a wide dynamic range (turn down ratio: 1000:1)
Designed for conductive liquids ≥1 μS/cm (water: ≥20 μS/cm)
Suitable for solid content up to 70%, e.g. yogurt with fruit pieces, soups with vegetable pieces etc.
Standard measurement accuracy: ±0.2% or ±1mm/s of measured value (MV)
Extensive sensor and process diagnostics
PFA liner reinforced with embedded stainless steel grid for vacuum resistance
Certified to 3A, EHEDG; conforms with FDA and EC1935/2004 regulations
Unique L-shaped gasket prevents expansion of gasket for increased life time
Wide range of electrode materials
Compact version or remote version with wall-mount, field or rack-mount housing
Also available with stainless steel compact or field housing
Available with industry specific installation lengths and various hygienic process connections
Diagnostics incl. conductivity, electrode error, ambient and process temperature etc.
Full bore design: No moving parts, no wear, no pressure loss
On-site verification of flowmeter with OPTICHECK service tool

Typical applications

Advanced hygienic applications
For large-scale production plants with diameter up to DN150 / 6"
Food and beverage industry

Precise blending, dosing and batching
Beverages (soft drinks, beer, wine, fruits juices etc.)
Products containing solids (e.g. yoghurt with cereals etc.)
Milk and other dairy products
Demi water (≥20 μS/cm)
Tank filling, truck filling
CIP media (incl. acids and caustic solutions)
Pharmaceutical industry

Processing of drugs, caustic sodas, acids, proteins, antibiotics


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