Electromagnetic Flow for single use biopharmaceutical

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The FLEXMAG 4050 is the first electromagnetic flowmeter that features a disposable flow tube designed specifically for single use biopharmaceutical applications such as filtration processes, chromatography, or buffer and media preparation. The biocompatible and gamma sterilizable flow tube is produced in a sterile facility and features a single barb fitting that meets biopharmaceutical requirements for adaptation to single use systems.

As an electromagnetic meter, the FLEXMAG 4050 will not drift over time. It provides a completely stable, direct and accurate volumetric flow measurement unaffected by fluid properties such as colour or density. The FLEXMAG 4050 provides highly accurate measurement with outstanding repeatability. Transmitter and flow tube are factory calibrated and do not require in-situ calibration. The meter can accommodate two different flow tubes sizes so as to handle two different flow ranges by simply exchanging the tube without having to recalibrate.

Product highlights
Disposable flow tube (packed in double sealed individual pouches)
One transmitter fits 2 flow tubes diameters:3⁄8" ID: 0.07…14 l/min
1⁄2" ID: 0.1…20 l/min
Or:3⁄4" ID: 0.3…62 l/min
1" ID: 0,5…75 l/min
(extended measuring ranges on request)
Accuracy: ±1% of measured value, +1 mm/s
Full bore design, low pressure loss
Pulse and current output
Factory calibrated, no recalibration needed
No maintenance required
Wetted parts materials made from biocompatible material (FDA, USP VI / BSE/TSE)
Manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified site; production in ISO 7 clean room environment
Flow tube Gamma sterilizable up to 50 kGy

Typical applications
Life sciences, biopharmaceutical industry

In-line flow measurement in:
Normal filtration
Tangential flow filtration
Buffer, media preparation


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