Ultrasonic Flow for superheated steam

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The OPTISONIC 8300 is a 2-path ultrasonic flowmeter for flow measurement of superheated steam and high temperature gases up to +620°C/ +1148°F and max. 200 bar / 2900 psi. It delivers high performance over a wide flow range (up to DN1000 / 40", turndown ratio: 60:1). This makes the flowmeter the ideal solution for boiler and power plant monitoring or as steam billing device. With temperature and pressure sensors connected to the meter, its integrated flow computer can also calculate steam mass flow or enthalpy.

The OPTISONIC 8300 was designed to avoid costly downtime of steam pipes. It features a full bore flow sensor without moving parts or obstructions to prevent pressure drop. It can uphold its high measuring accuracy (<±1% of measured value) without maintenance or subsequent calibration for up to 20 years. There is no need to remove the meter, valves and a bypass are thus not required. If verification of the measuring accuracy is necessary, it can be provided using the flowmeter diagnostics. The OPTISONIC 8300 comes with digital communication options.

Product highlights
Bi-directional flow measurement over a wide dynamic range
Integrated flow computer option: Mass flow and enthalpy calculation according to IAPWS-IF97
Current inputs for external pressure and temperature sensors
Suitable for energy balancing
High accuracy: <±1% error of measured value (>DN150)
Higher temperature and pressure ranges on request
Extensive online diagnostics and functions for proper meter operation and verification
Can be certified for custody transfer measurements (only in certain countries applicable)
Full bore design: No moving parts, no wear, no pressure loss
No periodical maintenance or recalibration needed

Typical applications

Measurement of superheated steam and high temperature gases
Custody transfer measurement of steam (only in certain countries applicable)
Energy balancing
Conventional power industry

Turbine performance measurement
Boiler performance measurement
Chemical and other process industries

Allocation of used steam in chemical or petrochemical processes


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