Ultrasonic Flow for natural gas

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The OPTISONIC 7300 is a universal 2-path ultrasonic gas flowmeter for process and utility gas measurements in oil and gas refineries or the chemical or petrochemical industries. It is also suitable for non-custody transfer natural gas applications or applications with (compressed) air, mixed or flue gases (up to +180°C / +356°F). Using the transit time differential measuring principle, the OPTISONIC 7300 delivers high performance over a wide flow range (up to DN600 / 24", turndown ratio: 100:1). Its patented titanium transducers are perfectly focused, equalizing process fluctuations and avoiding acoustic feedback.

The measured volume flow can always be calculated to standard conditions using the input of temperature and pressure sensors, which can be directly connected to the device. Following the initial calibration, the device provides accurate measuring results (±1% error of measured value). The OPTISONIC 7300 does not have the limitations associated with turbine or other traditional gas flowmeters like periodical recalibrations, maintenance, pressure loss and a limited flow range. The flowmeter comes with various digital communication options.

Product highlights
Bi-directional flow measurement over a wide dynamic range (turndown ratio: 100:1)
Integrated volume correction to standard conditions (using pressure and temperature measurement)
With current inputs for external pressure and temperature sensors
NACE-approved grade 29 titanium transducers for maximum corrosion resistance
Largely independent of gas density and composition
Full bore design: No moving parts, no wear, no pressure loss
Compact or field-mounted version

Typical applications

Process metering and control of gases, air flows etc.
Oil and gas industry

Natural gas production, transport, storage and distribution
Underground gas storages (UGS)
Non-custody transfer (CT) gas applications
Chemical, petrochemical and other process industries

Process and hydrocarbon gases
Natural gas and compressed air consumption and other auxiliary service and supply line applications


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